Naturally get rid of scabs

Having the big, the ugly one stuck somewhere which is being noticed if you have the big night out planned which is not good. The big brown lump on the knee can be very hard when wearing skirts or the shorts and those small ones which come out in the row from the scratch are unsightly on the arm or the elbow. This is very contagious skin condition which can be transferred to the next person simply which is by touching the skin of the infected person. Here are the steps on how to get rid of scabs naturally.


Citrus fruit to help out

 Use Citrus Products

There are some few juices and the oils which you can spread over to your body once the scabs infection has just erupted. The products containing the citrus are one of the most effective products. Juice like the orange or the grapefruit juice, the mouthwash which is citrus based or the citrus cleaner which is very okay to use typically can be used to get rid of the annoying itch.


Get to the bathtub and then pour the citrus product which is your best choice all over your body. You have to give it like five minutes for it to dry completely and then rinse thoroughly with water. You can do this every day until when the scabs have completely disappeared.



tea tree oil

Use Oils

There are the three natural oils which can assist to get rid of scabs which include neem oil, tea-tree oil, and peppermint oil. These are the industrial-strength oils where you need to be sure when testing them on the small patch before you cover your whole body with them. You don’t need to have the allergic skin reaction. When they are very strong, you can dilute them with the vegetable oil.


You can use any of the three oils as the same you would use citrus except that you don’t rinse these off. You have to pour the small amount into your palm of the hand and then spread it over to your body as the same you would use lotion. This needs to be a daily routine until when the scabs are gone.



cold shower

Use Bath and Body

To prevent the itching you can try to soak in the cool bath water or by taking the cold shower. Don’t use the abrasive soaps which are like Lava or any of the dermabrasion soap which may aggravate your skin.


You can also soak the washcloth by use of cold water and then apply to the areas being affected to stop the itching. Apply the calamine lotion so as to soothe and then moisturize dry skin. By this, you may also benefit by taking the antihistamine to alleviate pain and the irritation.



vacuum for scab healing

House Cleaning

You need to vacuum the house daily if the resident is being infected with the scabs. If the vacuum cleaner is having a bag, throw this bag away every time you vacuum it and don’t open it up. When the vacuum cleaner has the removable filter, you have discarded the contents in the outdoor trash bin. You do not want the scabs to infiltrate the in-house and then cause another infection.


You need to keep all the clothing and the bedding touched by infected person in the plastic bag. You can continue to accumulate all he has touched in this bag all through until the infection has totally disappeared. Then you need to wash all these items using hot wash and then dry them in an extreme heat. By this, it will kill all any scabs which may have remained.