5 easy home remedies for swollen tonsils


Tonsils are fragments of our own body. The main function is to trap the infectious particles inhaled inside the body and transmitting them to lymphatic system to have it expelled from the body through immune system. Swollen tonsils can be gotten due to bacterial and viral infections such as cold, strep throat, measles, herpes simplex virus and many more. Treating a sore throat and swollen tonsils at home can be an effective measure for preventing an unnecessary visit to the doctor. Inflammation of the tonsils which is also called tonsillitis can be cause by irritants, a dry environment or even allergies. When you have swollen tonsils, it is not always a warrant to visit a physician even though it makes you uncomfortable. They can however be treated effectively with home remedies in conjunction with any treatment that is prescribed by a physician. Below are examples of the home remedies that need to be put into consideration by people suffering from this painful and stubborn condition in order to reduce the pain of swollen tonsils effectively.

1. Turmeric and honey

This is the first of the natural home remedies for swollen tonsils. The ingredients are only two; raw honey and raw turmeric, which are readily available. In its preparation, you have to combine these two ingredients and mix them thoroughly in a bowl. You are then supposed to take one tablespoon of this mixture three times in a day in order to quickly relieve the pain of swollen tonsils. This home remedy is effective in that turmeric, which is one of the ingredients, has powerful inflammation defender effect; while the mixture with honey can arrest the micro-organisms’ growth so as to de-materialize the tonsil infection.

2. Honey and garlic

This is the second home remedy consisting of a tablespoon of honey and four cloves of crushed garlic. To prepare this, you have to mix the four cloves of finely crushed garlic and a tablespoon of honey in a bowl after which you dilute the mixture with lukewarm water. When it is ready, you then need to drink this solution about three to four times throughout the day continuously for close to four days. Before taking this solution however, you first need to sip half a glass of water. Again, this home remedy is effective in that garlic, which is the main ingredient, can help to protect you against both viral and bacterial infections. Furthermore, it contains anti-septic properties which help people treat swollen tonsils effectively. As a point to note, garlic kills the germs as it travels down the throat.

3. Pepper, dried basil leaves and dried ginger

This is another option for the easy home remedy consisting of three ingredients; Pepper, ginger and basil leaves both of which should be dry. This concoction has to be prepared and consumed by adding a few basil leaves, a piece of crushed ginger and a little cayenne pepper so as to benefit from the tonsil relieving effect that comes out of the combination. It should be noted that basil leaves acts as an antibiotic against bacteria. Ginger is also very efficient in the fight against swollen toxins because it contains an action against inflammation. At the same time, pepper contains vitamin C which helps in boosting the immunity to fight the tonsil infections. The three combinations make this home remedy the best to be adopted by both children and adults.

4. Gargle Orange Juice and Water

Just like pepper in the previous remedy, orange juice is a great source of vitamin C which helps in enhancing the immune system so as to fight against the tonsil infection. Water that is mixed with the orange juice helps in keeping the body hydrated sufficiently to flush the disease off the body. As a treatment for the swollen tonsils, you should combine three parts of the orange juice with one part of water and use it warm daily until the symptoms subside.

5. Clear chicken soup

It is clear that chicken soup is an anti-inflammatory dish that helps in soothing the symptoms and curbing further complications. The chicken soup can be flavored with garlic and parsley before is consumption. Garlic and parsley not only increase the flavor but also have great healing effects. Garlic can help limit the replication of organisms that cause the tonsil infections.


The above home remedies for swollen tonsils are the best solutions to swollen tonsils when taken; however, you should avoid second hand smoke and reduce or stop smoking while the throat is sore. Any toothbrush that is used while the throat is actively sore should also be thrown away so as to avoid recurrence of the infection. Finally, you should consider staying home from work or school during the course of any swollen tonsil episode to prevent spreading an illness to others.