5 Tips on how to treat a cyst

A cyst is a white or yellow colored lump that appears under the skin. They are mostly filled with fluids, semi-solid or greasy substances. They are as a result of plugged in ducts or closed pores around a hair follicle on the skin. Places you are most likely to find cysts include under the armpits, on the face, scrotum or ears. Although cysts are not painful, when infected they can cause itching and turn red. If you are having cysts, below are some home remedy for a cyst.

1. Get adequate sleep

Sleep is like a rejuvenating tonic to the immunity. It is proven that sleep deprivation increases pro-inflammatory cytokines in the blood. These inflammatory cytokines aggravate inflammatory conditions like cyst which is inimical to natural cyst care. Sleep deprivation increases stress. Stress leads to cysts which if prolonged suppress the immunity. Your body needs to get the proper rest, at least 8 hours a day. Whenever I lack sleep, my skin not only looks stressed out the following day. Pimples , bumps and cysts begin to pop out, precipitating a viscous circle.

2. Drink lots of water and exercise regularly

Whether doing household work or working out at the gym, it is just the same, as long as you work up a sweat. Activity is a healthy and safe cost effective cyst care measure with far-reaching health benefits that permeate neuro-psychology, cardiovascular, gastro-intestinal and immuno-endocrine systems. Movement is an integral part of our existence. Inactivity promotes metabolic sluggishness, bloating, stress, cyst, cellulite and loss of muscle tone. Exercise remains a potent safe and natural cyst care measure because it has the same effect as water in cleansing our system, inside and out. It has skin benefits, too. In fact, the hallmark of cyst treatment is intricately linked to an active metabolism.

Again clear skin results from taking plenty amounts of water to provide needed skin moisturization and to flush out toxins and waste products which is a healthy recipe for safe and natural cyst care. Eight glasses of water or sixty four ounces of water daily will keep us appropriately hydrated. Water, naturally, cleanses the body by flushing out the toxins. When you drink the right amount of water, it shows on your skin.


3. Use of essential Oils

Using essential oils like lavender and tea tree can help battle cysts. The most ideal approach to utilize these oils for cyst is to apply a few drops on the region of concern. Lavender and tea tree basic oils are safe for direct application, however they can likewise be used together with carrier oils, for example, coconut oil or jojoba on the off chance that you have sensitive skin.

Natural topical applications like tree oil have been shown to be effective against pimples because of its anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties without the risk of drying the skin unlike formulations with benzoyl peroxide.


4. Use of witch Hazel

This is another proficient method to treat a cyst at home that you ought to attempt. Both the leaves and bark of witch hazel can be utilized to make a therapeutic extract that helps you treat your cyst. Truth be told, witch hazel extract has astringent properties because of its tanning that help in fixing the skin and reducing the oil secretion accountable for your growth.


5. Skin Exfoliation

Dry brush exfoliation eliminates dead skin cells and allows the skin to detox. A soft natural bristle brush can be used in exfoliation which improves blood and lymph circulation and decreases puffiness. Always clean the face before going to sleep. If not, all impurities you attain during the day sit on your skin while you are asleep.


The thought that hot water is very effective in facial cleansing can be deceptive. It predisposes the skin to rapid vaporization, drying and eventually clogging of the pores due to trapped oil. Because cold water traps oil, it also clogs the pores. When the face is totally clean, only then could you wash with cold water, a healthy skin care practice.

A personalized and well-adapted facial mask made from honey and apples can be an effective home remedy against cyst-prone skin. Hormonal levels implicated in acne form flares that can be kept at bay by Green tea.